Flute and Harp
flute_harp_200Flute and Harp is one of my favorite combinations.  It is beautiful, elegant and sophisticated.  With the harps ability to provide a full accompaniment and texture similar to a piano, the timbre of the two instruments meld together to charm and relax the listeners.

Suggestion:  Want an even fuller musical texture…add a violin to turn the duo into an unstoppable trio! Read about our Flute, Violin and Harp Trios

Flute and Violin
Looking for a simple, yet lovely combination, this one will be sure to please and fit into a wedding trying to stay within a budget.

Flute and Guitar
This is a lovely combination, relaxing and gentle with the ability to be sassy and fun!  My guitarist and I performed at a local French Restaurant and guests shared with us that they stayed an extra hour and ordered dessert whilst they enjoyed the concert.


Traverso and Harpsichord
Interested in something a little different?  The traverso is the historical flute which was played throughout the Baroque era of 1600-1750.  You will hear the classics of Bach, Handel and Telemann played on the original instruments for which the composers were writing, (as their modern counterparts had yet to be invented!)   And yes, these are handcrafted historical replicas.

Planning your event in Naples, Ft. Myers, Marco Island, Sanibel or Captiva Island? Create the perfect wedding or event music with flute and harp, string quartet and flute, flute and guitar, historical instruments and much more!